Volkswagen become first auto manufacturer to fit all vans with AEB systems

Volkswagen become first auto manufacturer to fit all vans with AEB systems

Volkswagen recently became the first auto manufacturer to install Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems on to all of their newly ordered vans which include the Caddy, Transporter and the new Crafter which will benefit from the new technology as of June 1st.

Including this technology onto all of their newly ordered vehicles is a great leap in safety performances and goes to show how important safety is to the Volkswagen Group. They are the first manufacturer to make this a standard feature on their vehicles, unlike other manufacturers who make this an option; which can come at a cost.

According to Thatcham Research Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems are ‘probably the most significant development in vehicle safety since the seat belt’ and have the potential to save more than 100 lives and 120,000 casualties over the next ten years.


Automatic Emergency Braking has the ability to save many lives


The AEB systems works by installing radar into the front of the vehicle, Front Assist then recognises distances to the vehicle in front and helps to ensure safe stopping. Front Assist reacts in two different stages. The first stage of the process creates audible and visible warning signals to the driver if the vehicle in front is driving slowly or has suddenly braked, it then calculates the risk of collision. During this short period of time, the technology gets the vehicle ready for emergency braking by applying the brake pads slightly and alerting the brake assistant. If the driver fails to react to the warning, a one-off short jolt of the brake indicates in the second stage the looming danger of a collision and the brake assistant’s responsiveness is further increased. If the driver then hits the brakes, full braking power is immediately available. If the driver does not brake strongly enough, Front Assist increases the braking pressure to the required level, so that the vehicle comes to a stop before reaching the obstacle.

All in all this is a great initiative from Volkswagen who should be applauded for their dedication to ensuring road safety for drivers and passengers.