Volkswagen extend opening hours at all VW Dealers

Volkswagen extend opening hours at all VW Dealers

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has extended its entire network of 72 van centres and 24 authorised repairers to meet growing demand from fleets and customers for their Volkswagen Dealers to provide more suited times.

This now allows customers to have their vehicles serviced or maintained at a time which suits them, either after work or throughout the night to reduce down-time of the vehicle.

The new service sees all Van Centres and Authorised Repairers of VW to offer at least one of the following options:

  • Vehicle drop off on demand up to 8pm
  • Availability of Mobile Service Clinic Vans
  • Open for business 13 hours a day, three days a week or more
  • Open for business 16 hours a day, three days a week or more

This is a huge call from Volkswagen because it allows businesses the chance to minimise down-time so that fleets can be constantly on the go instead of being stuck waiting for a garage to open, or waiting for an Authorised Repairer to reach them which could be costing the company a considerable amount of money.

The extended opening hours does not only decrease down-time but gives customers greater choice and flexibility which is growing more essential due to changes in business’ working hours and operating times.

Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, head of service and parts at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: ‘It’s vital that we continue to adapt to the needs of the customer and offer the best service available within the industry. With extended hours now available across the entire Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles network, we are further strengthening partnerships with our customers, listening to them and offering them the service they need.’

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