Vanarama use artificial intelligence (AI) to aid customer service team

Vanarama use artificial intelligence (AI) to aid customer service team

Vanarama are advancing their company in ways which they believe will be the future of customer service interactions as of 2020.

Vanarama has launched their new artificial intelligence chatbot which they named ‘iVan’, which will help in matching customers with the right vehicle based on different factors.

The chatbot was developed based on the industry stats Vanarama has seen which suggest that artificially intelligent live chat services will power 85% of customer service interactions by as early as 2020.

The chatbot won’t necessarily replace existing work force, but work alongside the current sales and customer service team as the new technology is one of the ways customers can choose to interact with the company.

iVan can talk to customers on subjects like financial products, vehicle models and completing sales securely. He can show customers vehicles available at their target budget, and help to work out the best finance product for the customer or business. Vanarama will also be launching iVan on Facebook Messenger.

Andy Alderson, Vanarama chief executive and founder, said: “If customers want to talk to iVan, they can.

“And if they want to talk to a person, our sales specialists and customer service staff are still here too. He’s not a replacement for our sales people, he’s here to provide customers another pathway to getting behind the wheel of a brand-new vehicle.”

India Pride, Vanarama’s digital marketing manager, said iVan can answer customer questions quickly and efficiently on whichever device is the easiest for them.

She said iVan is a continuing development project and he will eventually be able to help with queries across all areas of the business.