UPS try out hydrogen as an alternative to conventional diesel engine
UPS Fuel-cell van in Sacramento, California

UPS try out hydrogen as an alternative to conventional diesel engine

Delivery giant UPS has revealed what they are claiming to be the ‘world’s first hydrogen fuel-cell delivery vehicle’.

The van has a range of 125 miles and will be deployed for its test drive in Sacramento, California towards the end of 2017. According to UPS, it meets the same route and range requirements as its conventionally powered vehicles, meaning this could be a welcomed change over to cleaner energy which could revolutionise delivery services.

UPS have said that the vehicle project which has been part-funded by the US Department of Energy – “is an important step towards demonstrating the commercial viability of zero tailpipe-emission trucks to fleet operators.”

UPS has had to limit where the fuel-cell van can be tested to just California, due to the state’s investment in zero-emission transport and a number of refuelling stations which are already dotted around.

“The challenge we face with fuel-cell technology is to ensure the design can meet the unique operational demands of our delivery vehicles on a commercial scale,” said Mark Wallace, UPS senior vice-president global engineering and sustainability. “This project is an essential step to test the zero tailpipe-emissions technology and vehicle on the road for UPS and the transportation industry.”