New Unwin wheelchair restraint systems revealed

New Unwin wheelchair restraint systems revealed

Unwin has undergone a complete overhaul of their wheelchair restraint and seating systems ranging from wheelchair tie-downs to their new Unwin Removable Seat Locker.

A wheelchair must have an appropriate tie-down system in place when being transported in a vehicle. Unwin’s new wheelchair restraint range offers many different variants including;

  • Floor fittings; rail, anchor and bolted
  • Wheelchair weights webbing; 100kg, 120kg and 200kg
  • Wheelchair tie-downs; normal webbing, standard retractable and self-tensioning retractable
  • Wheelchair fixings; tongue and buckle, hook and karabiner

All of Unwin’s retractors now have a modern look and follow a uniform brand design language. They’re meant to blend in with the interior of a modern vehicle and to stand out amongst other products in the industry.

The introduction of black webbing in all wheelchair tie-downs completes the aesthetics of this range. To further improve the unified look, the red webbing in the occupant restraint has been replaced with a discreet grey.

Unwin’s wheelchair restraint range offers many different variants depending on the vehicle floor, wheelchair model and of course personal preference; each option bringing with it it’s own benefits.

The brochure includes a step-by-step guide to choosing your suited wheelchair tie-down with what it seems like an endless amount of choice with the ability to mix and match each variation of the restraint system with their all new coding structure which makes identifying your preferred system to a member of the Unwin team a much easier task.

Their easy to follow part numbering is explained below;

In an effort to facilitate ordering they’ve made their system for part-numbering easy to understand. As long as you know what you want you can figure out the part-number by following a simple formula.

wheelchair restraint part ordering

To view more about the range of products Unwin has on offer be sure to visit their website here.