Tracker recovered more than half a million pounds worth of vans in 2016
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Tracker recovered more than half a million pounds worth of vans in 2016

As the ever increasing threat of having your vehicle stolen increases, companies like Tracker are proving very crucial when it comes to retrieving your vehicles.

Van theft is becoming more and more common across the UK, especially London, which in 2016 made up for 44% of all van thefts throughout the country.

According to the latest figures from TRACKER, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) made up over half a million pounds of the overall recoveries in 2016. The Ford Transit being the most popular van stolen last year and accounted for over half of the LCV recoveries made by TRACKER.

The latest figures reveal the average value of vans stolen and recovered was £19,333 with 44% being stolen using the owner’s keys.

Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER, comments, “A high number of vans are stolen in the UK every year, and our latest figures highlight just how much of an impact this can have on businesses. Nearly five and a half thousand Ford Transits were stolen in the UK last year, which is a thousand more than the previous year. Additionally, Mercedes Sprinters are proving to be equally as attractive to organised criminal gangs.”   “The theft of a van can hit companies really hard regardless of their size, such as the loss of valuable tools and equipment, loss of business and costs associated with hiring a replacement, so van operators really need to consider protecting their vehicles with TRACKER’s market leading SVR technology.”

Where TRACKER stands-out is their 25 years of experience in this technology, which is helping them to develop their product so that even if your vehicle is being hidden in a garage or shipping container their state of the art technology will be able to identify their location and inform the police who can then take control of the situation.

It is this sort of expertise which makes TRACKER the leader in stolen vehicle recovery (SVR).