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Toyota reveal the e-Palette, futuristic autonomous vehicle concept

Toyota autonomous delivery concept

Toyota, the second biggest automaker in the world, has revealed very ambitious plans to develop battery-powered autonomous vehicles which Toyota believe will tackle mobility and delivery services in the coming age of the autonomous vehicle. Toyota is calling it the ‘e-Palette’ and describes the vehicle as “fully automated, next generation battery electric vehicle, designed to be scalable and customisable for a range of ... Read More »

Transport Committee launch inquiry into the potential of MaaS


Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a broad term for a range of digital transport service platforms, from quite niche online car and bike-sharing schemes to hugely popular, high profile taxi and private hire smartphone apps including Uber and Lyft. MaaS apps can provide value for money, convenient, on demand services and are transforming how people, particularly younger people in cities, consume urban ... Read More »

Winchester welcomes Enterprise Car Club to their city

Enterprise Car Club

The future of transportation has been put into serious question over recent years, partly due to the Paris Climate Agreement which was published in April 2016, meaning countries involved had to significantly reduce their overall carbon footprint, meaning initiatives like Enterprise Car Club are becoming more and more popular. This could be looked at as a potential turning point in our ... Read More »