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Tascor – Case Study


When mental care transport specialist Tascor went looking for a customised minibus, it ended up with a custom-built vehicle which broke new ground. Tascor, a nationwide specialist in custodial transport, has a small, highly-specialised unit based in Somerset which has as its customers patients in mental care. They have particular and often highly individual needs which require skilful and careful ... Read More »

Pilkington Family Trust – Case Study

Pilkington Family Trust

Back in the 19th century, the people of St Helens were producing a large proportion of Britain’s glass, and the name Pilkington was synonymous with the area, this is now the root core of the Pilkington Family Trust. The family-owned company had achieved a huge reputation by the time the 1960s came and one of the Pilkington brothers actually invented the process we ... Read More »

Holbeach and District Community Vehicle – Case Study

Holbeach and District Community Vehicle

For 30 years, the Lincolnshire town of Holbeach has helped people with mobility issues by running the Holbeach and District Community Vehicle scheme. The town is in a rural area, surrounded by the rich soil of the Fens with many isolated farms and villages counting Holbeach as the nearest place for shopping, healthcare and other community facilities. And back then ... Read More »

Northampton Door to Door Service – Case Study

Northern Ireland

It’s a case of quality before quantity for Northampton Door To Door Service, with only four vehicles but a range of community services. The team of three running the scheme, plus nine regular drivers, are determined that, as grant aid funding falls, maintaining a good service and keeping customers is the way that it will survive the cuts and ensure ... Read More »

Bedford Door To Door – Case Study

Bedford Door-To-Door

Neville Jephcote is a slight anomaly in the context of most community transport organisations… a former bus manager from the commercial sector. He’s now Community Transport Manager for Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC), managing the Bedford Door-To-Door service, but in a past life, was Commercial Manager (Suffolk) for the large Eastern Counties fleet, in the days after the Government decided ... Read More »