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Video 3 – Base Vehicles

Base Vehicle

When considering which is the most suitable base vehicle, we need to keep in mind the most important components which need to be taken into consideration when designing your bespoke minibus. First of all, the size of the minibus itself has to be specified. For example, if you only need to transport around 10 passengers at any one time then there ... Read More »

Video 4 – Access


Access on a minibus is located in two separate areas of the bus; the side door entrance and the rear door entrance.  Walk on passengers and passengers in wheelchairs each have their own difficulties when it comes to boarding a large vehicle. So, to account for both sets of passengers being able to board the minibus safely and efficiently, we provide specialist equipment ... Read More »

Video 5 – Accomodation


Once on board the minibus, accommodation for walk on passengers and wheelchair users’ needs to be featured so that they feel comfortable and safe whilst travelling on the minibus. Not only do the passengers themselves need to be accommodated for, but their luggage needs to be thought of, which could mean adding areas in the vehicle to be used as ... Read More »

Video 6 – Comfort


Comfort Once our minibus passengers have found a suitable space to be accommodated, how do we make sure they are comfortable whilst in transit? Comfort on a minibus can be addressed in a variety of ways; wider seating trimmed in the right material, properly restrained wheelchair and a suitable passenger restraint all count towards making a passenger feel comfortable. These ... Read More »

Video 7 – Offer of Service


Minibus Options Promotional Series 1 conclusion. Minibus specifications can be a complicated business. Hopefully this short series of videos will give you some ideas and perhaps help you to create a basic idea as to what you would like your minibus to look like. To find out more information contact one of our team at support@minibusoptions.co.uk Or visit our site for more ... Read More »