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Age UK Mid-Hampshire – Case Study

Age UK Mid-Hampshire

Every community transport operator must have faced the same dilemma as Winchester Lunch Club at Age UK Mid-Hampshire – a vehicle whose trips to the garage were becoming a little too frequent. There’s a break point in any operator’s relationship with a minibus; at some point, the cost of maintenance outstrips the cost of running something new and reliable. Long ... Read More »

Saltash Community Transport begins dedicated hospital bus

Saltash Community Transport

Saltash Community Transport group have launched their very own dedicated hospital bus service to allow people direct access to and from the hospital, which was previously rejected by commercial bus companies. The bus operates Monday to Friday offering returns directly from Saltash in Cornwall to Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital. The service was established by Community Enterprises PL12 at the request of ... Read More »

Shencare Community Transport – Case Study

Shencare Community Transport

Shencare Community Transport in Birmingham is learning to do without grants and stand on its own two feet. The compact operation lies right at the heart of its community, nestled among housing in Shenley Green and, perhaps appropriately, is on part of the Bournville estate… the 19th century Cadbury project which aimed to improve the lot of the chocolate factory’s ... Read More »

Video 1 – Introduction

Minibus video series

Specialist passenger vehicles can be a complicated business. WhichMinibus? want to make it easy to understand how a minibus specification is developed, so we have created a short series which includes every part of the process from the people who use the vehicle right down to the comfort of the seats your passengers will be sat on. We have to ... Read More »

Video 2 – People


Passengers are the prime consideration when creating a minibus specification which is why this is where we start off when it comes to designing the right specification for customers. There are many different aspects that we have to take into consideration when it comes to who is using the vehicle as a means of transport because we have to make ... Read More »