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UK bus coverage hits a 28-year low

Bus coverage decline in UK

The UKs bus network shrunk to the lowest overall coverage last seen in the 1980s, shrinking almost 134 million miles over the past decade alone. This figure alone highlights the need for an alternative transport method for rural areas which can pick up the pieces from where the bus companies have left cracks up and down the country. The current ... Read More »

UK traffic congestion rates amongst worst across Europe


The UK was recently listed as the tenth most congested country in the world and the third most congested in Europe, behind only Russia and Turkey. According to new research, traffic congestion cost UK motorists more than £37.7 billion in 2017. The Inrix 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard, which analysed data from connected cars and devices across 38 countries, including 11 ... Read More »

CitySprint fleet to expand with hydrogen van being trialled

CitySprint is trialling a hydrogen van as part of its wider ambition to create a completely emission-free fleet in London by 2020. The UK’s leading same day delivery service provider is marking the first use of hydrogen vehicles for courier services in the UK. The new hydrogen van has been developed in partnership with Renault and will be trialled on ... Read More »

HCT Group introduce Drive On – ex-offenders red bus trainee pilot

Bus coverage decline in UK

Training ex-offenders as London red bus drivers may sound like a risk to some people, but HCT Group says that the pilot has found that, with the right support, an intake of ex-offender bus driving trainees has had the same success rate & performance as an intake without ex-offenders. The potential of this programme could come as relief for offenders ... Read More »

Venson survey reveals driver concerns over future commuting options


Venson Automotive recently carried out a survey to understand the public’s views on public transport and the changes being introduced into towns and city centres including T-charge’s and the eventual ban on all petrol and diesel engine cars. The survey from Venson Automotives found that over half (51%) of motorists believe that public transport needs to be more affordable to ... Read More »