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Mercedes-Benz release images of proposed cab layout for new Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is soon going to be made available for the world to feast their eyes upon, but for now interior images of the third generation Sprinter will satisfy. New photo’s of the Sprinter’s interior have been released and the first noticeable difference is the large Mercedes Pro touchscreen on the centre console. This gives the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ... Read More »

Hermes to trial Starship Technologies’ last-mile delivery robots in London

Starship Technologies Hermes(2)

Starship Technologies announces their robots will be trialled by delivery company Hermes, in a bid to create more options for last-mile delivery in the suburbs. The Starship robots manoeuvre on six-wheels and have a height of just over half a metre and length of just less than a metre long. Each robot is designed to have a secure compartment for ... Read More »

Opportunity charging taking off for Dutch organisation VDL


Dutch organisation VDL recently gave their accounts of how opportunity charging performs in real life, which could be a viable solution for the future of electric buses operating in the UK. VDL as of yet has no plans to sell its Citea range in the UK but is keeping a very close eye on the UK market for electric buses. ... Read More »