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Ford announce names for their Chariot commuter shuttle services

Chariot commuter service

Ford’s Chariot commuter shuttle service is set to hit the streets of London after confirming earlier this month that they had plans in mind for 6 London routes. The car giant said it is planning six initial routes for the capital, which have now been published by Transport for London (TfL) in its London service permit bulletin, and are now open ... Read More »

Ford announce Chariot ride-sharing service to hit London streets

Chariot commuter service

Ford Motor Company confirm plans that their ride-sharing service, “Chariot”, will be heading to the streets of London once their application has been accepted. The ride-sharing service start-up was bought by Ford in September 2016 for an estimated £50m, with versions of the service already operating in 4 US cities including Austin, Seattle, New York and San Francisco who’s services ... Read More »

Which van fairs best after first MoT test results?

According to the Government’s MoT figures, these vans and pick-ups are the top of the class when it comes to passing the first-test-at-three years. That’s good news for operators who want a capable commercial vehicle, with low maintenance costs. According to government figures, the worst van for failing it’s first MoT from 2013 to 2016 was the Ford Transit which ... Read More »

Manufacturers announce LCV scrappage schemes for pre Euro-5 vehicles

Scrappage Schemes

Scrappage schemes are popping up a lot recently from all manufacturers but Ford are the first to do so for their LCV models, shortly followed by the likes of Volkswagen, Renault, Fiat, Peugeot-Citroen & Toyota. With some variations between the different manufacturer scrappage schemes available, there are also many similarities too, such as; In almost every instance the vehicle which you’re ... Read More »

Ford partners with German company Deutsche Post to build electric delivery van

Deutsche Post

Ford and German delivery company Deutsche Post are to develop and produce around 2,500 battery-electric vehicles before the end of 2018. Deutsche Post has already designed and produced the emission-free StreetScooter but is now looking to work on a larger vehicle type. The Ford Transit chassis provides the technical basis and will be equipped with a battery-electric drive train and ... Read More »