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UK bus coverage hits a 28-year low

Bus coverage decline in UK

The UKs bus network shrunk to the lowest overall coverage last seen in the 1980s, shrinking almost 134 million miles over the past decade alone. This figure alone highlights the need for an alternative transport method for rural areas which can pick up the pieces from where the bus companies have left cracks up and down the country. The current ... Read More »

First M.O.T test to remain at 3 years after consultation


The wait for the first M.O.T test on cars and motorcycles won’t be extended to 4 years due to safety concerns. Ministers put road safety first as they today (18 January 2018) decided to maintain the period before a car’s first MOT test at 3 years. The move comes after a Department for Transport consultation last year to consider changing ... Read More »

Chargemaster set to install 150 charge points for Lancashire CC


Chargemaster recently announced that they will be installing 150 electric vehicle charge points in Lancashire, as requested by the region’s County Council. The roll out will begin in the first months of 2018, which will include 18 Ultracharge rapid chargers, offering CCS CHAdeMO and Type 2 charging. Also included will be 66 dual socket fast units for use with a ... Read More »

Transport Committee launch inquiry into the potential of MaaS


Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a broad term for a range of digital transport service platforms, from quite niche online car and bike-sharing schemes to hugely popular, high profile taxi and private hire smartphone apps including Uber and Lyft. MaaS apps can provide value for money, convenient, on demand services and are transforming how people, particularly younger people in cities, consume urban ... Read More »

Learner drivers are now able to join motorways on lessons


The Department for Transport has announced that learner drivers are now able to have lessons on motorways in a bid to improve road safety. Learners will be able to join motorways starting in 2018 when the law comes into effect. Learner drivers will have to be in the company of an approved driving instructor in a dual control car, so ... Read More »