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Chargemaster set to install 150 charge points for Lancashire CC


Chargemaster recently announced that they will be installing 150 electric vehicle charge points in Lancashire, as requested by the region’s County Council. The roll out will begin in the first months of 2018, which will include 18 Ultracharge rapid chargers, offering CCS CHAdeMO and Type 2 charging. Also included will be 66 dual socket fast units for use with a ... Read More »

Ford announce names for their Chariot commuter shuttle services

Chariot commuter service

Ford’s Chariot commuter shuttle service is set to hit the streets of London after confirming earlier this month that they had plans in mind for 6 London routes. The car giant said it is planning six initial routes for the capital, which have now been published by Transport for London (TfL) in its London service permit bulletin, and are now open ... Read More »

Transport Committee launch inquiry into the potential of MaaS


Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a broad term for a range of digital transport service platforms, from quite niche online car and bike-sharing schemes to hugely popular, high profile taxi and private hire smartphone apps including Uber and Lyft. MaaS apps can provide value for money, convenient, on demand services and are transforming how people, particularly younger people in cities, consume urban ... Read More »

Government propose plans to cut congestion on our busiest roads


Proposals announced by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling reflect on the delays caused to motorists by utility companies carrying out roadwork’s to reduce by almost half under new proposals. The proposals would allow local authorities to charge utility companies by the hour to carry out work on selected routes which is intended to encourage companies carrying out works to avoid busy roads and peak times, plus incentivising them to ... Read More »

Learner drivers are now able to join motorways on lessons


The Department for Transport has announced that learner drivers are now able to have lessons on motorways in a bid to improve road safety. Learners will be able to join motorways starting in 2018 when the law comes into effect. Learner drivers will have to be in the company of an approved driving instructor in a dual control car, so ... Read More »