New Unwin Wheelchair Headrest
Unwin release new headrest

New Unwin Wheelchair Headrest

New Unwin Wheelchair Headrest recently released

Unwin’s new headrest is designed to provide comfortable head support for wheelchair users at a cost effective price.

Suitable for all standard side-folding wheelchairs which have 220mm tubing, its unique folding mechanism allows the system to fold with the wheelchair and is adjustable to fit wheelchairs from 300 to 610mm width.

They provide two different types of headrests which have been specifically designed to add extra comfort to wheelchair users’ lives when using their wheelchair. The two products are very similar, but have a huge difference in price.

The new headrest has been successfully crash-tested and is available in four different sizes:

Small: Seat width between 300-380mm
Medium: Seat width between 360-440mm
Large: Seat width between 420-520mm
Extra Large: Seat width between 500-610mm

To view the new Unwin Wheelchair Headrest visit their website for more details