Is the new Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept the future of commercial vehicles?
Vision Van Concept

Is the new Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept the future of commercial vehicles?

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van may be the next big development, but Mercedes-Benz have always been an outgoing company who love to showcase high-end, extravagant vehicles and products but when it comes to the future, they probably have the most outlandish designs and concepts circulating at the moment, but we are sure to see in the near future what other manufacturers are hiding up their sleeves.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van concept was unveiled at Mercedes’ Van Innovation Campus in Stuttgart and it gives us a slight indication as to what we can expect from the next generation of Mercedes-Benz engineering.

With the sleek and smooth bodywork drawing attention to the exterior design, inside is just as amazing with Mercedes’ most recent cargo space engineering, also known as “Project Slider”. Mercedes’ engineering tech re-defines the usage of load space. The idea is for the goods to run through a scanner and get packed onto shelves, which are then autonomously positioned into the load area.

When the driver comes to deliver the products, the shelf with the corresponding parcel will automatically withdraw from the van which will then notify the delivery driver with a series of lights.



The cargo space layout on the Mercedes Vision Van


The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van concept is powered by electricity and is fully automated and interconnected for the new digital age.

Powered by a 75kW electric drive system (up to 150kW is available for short 60-second bursts), it has a range of up to 270km and 270Nm of torque. The high torque level provides the car with a spontaneous response and, while it has a top speed of 120kph, it has been limited to 80kph. It also features a state-of-the-art joystick control.

The cloud-based control software and optimum cargo hardware help make the concept an intelligent fully connected hub. Algorithms control orders placed by customers and the loading of packages through fully automated cargo space management.

Live route planning calculates the optimum journey for the van to ensure the quickest possible delivery times, and two drones, with a payload of 2kg each, are also provided to allow for autonomous delivery.

Mercedes-Benz are innovation leading experts in the automotive industry at the given time and are constantly trying new avenues to explore which is what makes the current market so fascinating so make sure you keep your eyes peeled..