Video 4 – Access

Access on a minibus is located in two separate areas of the bus; the side door entrance and the rear door entrance.  Walk on passengers and passengers in wheelchairs each have their own difficulties when it comes to boarding a large vehicle.

So, to account for both sets of passengers being able to board the minibus safely and efficiently, we provide specialist equipment designed to specifically help and improve access capabilities on the minibus. This can include a tail lift or ramp which will allow access for wheelchairs/walking aid users to enter the vehicle. For access through the side door entrance we must provide at least one grab handle/rail for passengers to support themselves under the Type Approval regulations we must stick to. If further assistance is required at the side door entrance for less able passengers, then we can also fit on request a step which can either be manually folded out or can be remotely operated from the drivers seat.

If you like further information on this process then please follow the link below to view our information pack: