Video 2 – People

Passengers are the prime consideration when creating a minibus specification which is why this is where we start off when it comes to designing the right specification for customers.

There are many different aspects that we have to take into consideration when it comes to who is using the vehicle as a means of transport because we have to make sure they are as comfortable and as relaxed like they would be sitting in a ordinary car.

So, we ask our customers whether or not their passengers will need wheelchair fittings because if so, then we would then use removable locking seats which can be easily withdrawn from the vehicle within a matter of minutes. We then also have to take into consideration how they would gain access to the vehicle in the first place. This would require either a lift or a ramp which would be decided by the customers because this may go down to how many seat positions they would like in the saloon. So, if the customer wanted to maximise passenger capacity then our engineers would install an under-floor tail lift which takes away any obstacles at the rear of the saloon.

As you can already begin to understand, there are a lot of important factors which have to be decided and thought about extensively before the minibus can start to take shape.

If you like further information on this process then please follow the link below to view our information pack: