Lateral introduce battery powered portable wheelchair winch

Lateral introduce battery powered portable wheelchair winch

Lateral have a reputation for innovative ideas and designs, which is exactly what they have produced here with their portable winch.

This is the first and only battery powered, portable wheelchair winch available on the market.

The PortaWinch can be anchored to any vehicle floor in a variety of different ways. For example, existing floor tracking systems, slide and click attachments, or even just a simple bolted method. It can then either be left in-situ or removed if space is at a premium. Attaching or detaching is simple and takes a matter of seconds to complete.


Being so versatile it can be transferred from vehicle-to-vehicle when needed, or temporarily fastened to a structurally-sound wall or suitable surface, if assistance is required up and down a driveway or ramp.

With a maximum load of 250kg, the PortaWinch is a very capable piece of kit enabling even the heaviest wheelchairs to be supported.

Safety Features:

  • Anti-roll back ratchet mechanism and over-load/obstruction safety sensor with emergency stop protection
  • Gentle stop/start operation
  • Supplied with high tech, low stretch ‘Super Braid’ rope, much stronger & durable than traditional webbing. Polyester coated to prevent seizing



  • Easily transportable, furnished with a sturdy carry-handle
  • Space saving, can be stored away when not in use
  • Transferable from one vehicle (or location) to another. Ideal for businesses with large fleets, reducing expenditure on purchasing a winch for every vehicle
  • Battery operated, no need for any hardwiring
  • Silent operation
  • Supplied with 2 ergonomic, easy-to-use wireless remote controls. One so small you can attach it to your car keys or carry in your pocket
  • Robust and dependable, cycle tested for long-life durabilityLateral



Kit Includes:

  • Pre-built winch and cover
  • V harness or T bar wheelchair attachment
  • 6 metre length rope
  • 2 x wireless remote controls
  • Battery & charger
  • User manual
  • 1 year return to base warranty

For more products by Lateral visit their website here.