EV charge points at motorway services & large fuel retailers required under new law

EV charge points at motorway services & large fuel retailers required under new law

Revealed in the Queen’s speech last month, Electric Vehicle charging points are to be installed at all motorway service areas and large fuel retailers, which are to require a set of common technical and operational standards. The new laws have been put into place so that charge points are convenient to access and also work seamlessly across the UK.

It also read that there are plans to extend compulsory motor vehicle insurance to cover the use of automated vehicles to ensure that compensation claims can continue to be paid quickly, fairly and easily to be in line with longstanding insurance practice, says the government.

These provisions will only apply to England, Wales and Scotland.

Instavolt, the Basingstoke-based firm who installs and maintains rapid charging points across the UK have recently agreed a multi-million pound deal with Chargepoint, which will see 3,000 rapid chargers installed at petrol forecourts, supermarkets and other accessible locations across the UK. The companies accessibility and strategic locations along busy routes has given them the potential to be at the forefront of electric vehicle charging.

Instavolts Rapid Plus charging units can increase the range on EV’s when charging by hundreds of miles in as little as 20 minutes and unlike many other charging points they will be free to use on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no subscription or membership card needed, meaning it is becoming more convenient for drivers to start considering electric vehicles.

CEO Tim Payne said: “If we can improve access to rapid charging in public, people will be much more confident in buying and driving electric vehicles. Forecourt traders play an even bigger role than I think any of us have given them credit for in this bid to increase use of electric vehicles. It’s therefore very positive news that the Government is bringing in measures to introduce more charging points there.”