Devon District Council installs rapid charging points across the region

Devon District Council installs rapid charging points across the region

Mid Devon District Council has joined forces with Instavolt who specialise in electric charging points to install rapid electric vehicle charging points across the region.

The agreement between the two will see eight rapid charging points installed in the first phase of work which will give drivers the ability to charge their electric vehicles to almost 80% in as little as 30 minutes. They will be made accessible to anybody who owns an EV and will be on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The rapid electric charging points will be installed in three main areas at first including Tiverton, Cullompton and Crediton. The charging points will be kitted out to suit the needs of both domestic and commercial vehicles and will be visible to users on the electric vehicle website so it’s easy to find a charging point for visitors to Mid Devon as well as the local residents.

The move for electric vehicle charging points is the latest improvement in a series of measures being taken on by the council to improve air quality and lower carbon emissions in the area. In addition of the benefits to the environment, Mid Devon District Council will receive a financial boost from the installation of the rapid charging points due to the income which they will receive from Instavolt for the next 30 years, which could well be re-invested into further green measures and developments.

Interior of Autonomous VehiclesTim Payne, CEO of InstaVolt, said: “Mid Devon District Council is pioneering in its use of green technologies and we’re delighted to help them take this even further with the installation of rapid electric vehicle charging points.

“The use of electric vehicles is set to increase dramatically over the coming years and thanks to the council’s forward-thinking attitude, residents and visitors to Mid Devon can rest assured that they’ll be able to charge up quickly and easily if they adopt these eco-friendly vehicles.”

Councillor Ray Stanley, cabinet member for housing at Mid Devon District Council, said: “We are committed to making Mid Devon an even better place to live, work and visit and the environment plays a big part in this.

“Creating the right infrastructure will help us to embrace the use of electric vehicles locally and improve air quality across the region.”