Derbyshire County Council cut spending by £450,000 by ‘orange peeling’ vehicle fleet
Orange Derbyshire County Council Gritters

Derbyshire County Council cut spending by £450,000 by ‘orange peeling’ vehicle fleet

Local authorities including Derbyshire County Council fleets are being urged to search for savings to protect frontline services from cuts.

The call comes after one local authority reduced spending by more than £450,000 by ending its policy of painting vehicles orange.

Derbyshire County Council operates nearly 500 vehicles, of which 440 of them are painted orange, ranging from vans to minibuses and the much needed gritters.

Previously, when vehicles have been replaced, the council has spent £1,000-2,000 painting them or using vehicle wrapping services to match its corporate colours.

However, the council is facing £70 million in funding cuts over the next two years and is searching for ways to reduce costs without affecting frontline services.

Vehicles will still require replacement but the council will order nearly all of them in white to cut costs. The move is expected to reduce fleet spending by £455,000 during a full fleet replacement cycle.

Derbyshire County Council cabinet member Dean Collins said: “We are facing unprecedented cuts. By 2021 we will be spending a third less on providing services than we were before cuts to local council funding began in 2010, which is why we have replaced very few council vehicles.

The council’s 44 gritting and other emergency response vehicles will continue to be orange so they are highly visible.