Community Transport Christmas – Tavistock Area Support Services

Community Transport Christmas – Tavistock Area Support Services

Following on from the first Community Transport Christmas story we bring you this one based on Tavistock Area Support Services in Devon.

Written by Diane Newman, General Manager at Tavistock Area Support Services.

Here at Tavistock Area Support Services we provide transport for people to attend the Rotary Christmas Day Lunch. This will take up most of the day with three minibuses driven by volunteer drivers with volunteer escorts.

People are collected from their home and taken to the United Reform Church where Rotarians provide the traditional Christmas lunch with seasonal festivities. They all return home between 3 and 4 so the drivers are usually out from about 10 until 6 as vehicles will be checked etc. prior to the trips and on their return.

We will also be providing a further wheelchair accessible vehicle to a gentleman so that he can join his family for lunch at a local hotel. We don’t advertise that we operate on Christmas Day but if we are asked we will put out the call. As you would expect with volunteers someone will always put their hand up. Kind hearts and generous natures, all of them!