Community Transport Christmas – Green Dragon Bus

Community Transport Christmas – Green Dragon Bus

This Community Transport Christmas story was written by Caroline Wilson from Green Dragon Bus and this story shows the lengths community transport will go to help the community when and where possible.

Community transport works across the Christmas period, even on Christmas day, to provide those who would otherwise be alone with access to family, friendship, company and independence over the holidays. This December, we’re going to be sharing the stories of our members who go above and beyond at Christmas.

Caroline Wilson, Green Dragon Bus:Green Dragon Bus

A couple of years ago one of our regular passengers from Cardigan managed to break her leg. So she was stuck in hospital over Christmas much to her annoyance. Her family were having a good Christmas lunch together but Mum was going to miss out – could we help in any way?

That got us thinking of what we could do. We have an accessible vehicle that seats 7 people including the driver plus a wheelchair. We and the family discussed the possibilities and with the help of the nursing staff and one of our volunteers she was able to join the family for Christmas lunch.

She said: “Words could not describe the happiness in being able to join in with the celebrations with the rest of the family. For a volunteer to give up time especially on Christmas day was amazing and we can’t thank him and the Green Dragon Bus enough for making my Christmas!”

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