Nottingham Community Transport expands with ‘CT4N’

Nottingham Community Transport expands with ‘CT4N’

Well-known charity based Nottingham Community Transport is to start trading arm called CT4N beginning on 2nd January 2018. This will see the charity operate bus services currently being run on behalf of Nottingham City Council.

Locallink, Centrelink, Ecolink, Medilink and Worklink bus services will all transfer to CT4N, however all vehicles, routes, fares and the organisation’s regular team of friendly drivers will remain the same and business will be as usual for all passengers.

The only two operations to remain under control of Nottingham City Council are the Easylink and Group Travel services.

There are three reasons why the trading company has been put in place:

  • Complying with the law – Nottingham CT will be operating some types of passenger transport service that technically fall outside the scope of our charitable status (such as Link bus services offered to the general public). CT4N is able to do this.
  • Keeping sustainable – Nottingham CT wishes the charity to benefit from income generating opportunities that may emerge. CT4N can function as a full profit-making entity, whereas the charity cannot – all CT4N profits will be gift aided to the charity.
  • Diversifying our activities – Nottingham CT intends to diversify its activities beyond the scope of our charitable objectives, possibly undertaking some non-transport delivery functions (such as other travel, training and consultancy services) to raise profits to benefit the charity.

It operates a fleet of 58 electric buses and 12 diesel buses, and employs 140 staff, of which 10 will remain with the charity with all other staff transferring to CT4N.

CT4N was granted an O-Licence in September for 75 vehicles.

The move is to comply with the law and enable it to generate trading income as a full profit-making entity.

Commenting on the changes, General Manager, Ian Combellack said: “We wish to reassure all our customers, stakeholders and friends that this exciting new development for Nottingham CT will improve and enhance our services to the community, and allow us to grow and expand in the near future. However, on the ground, business will very much be as usual and we will continue to maintain the service standards and commitment to the Nottingham community that is central to our values.”

For anymore information relating to Linkbus services then visit the CT4N website here.