Citymapper works with Impact Coaches to launch on-demand services in London

Citymapper works with Impact Coaches to launch on-demand services in London

App developer Citymapper came up with an innovative way of running bus services in London which was recently tested for two days, beginning on May 9th.

With vehicles operated by Impact Coaches of London, public transport app provider, Citymapper has launched a “pop-up” bus service in central London.

The route they were using is a circular route known as ‘CMX1’, which runs from Southwark to Blackfriars and back running along the south bank using existing bus stops. The group has chosen to use three new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibus conversions which are all painted green and fitted with the latest features including USB charging points and next-stop destination displays.

The three new buses will use Citymapper’s existing data to offer fastest routes which will avoid congested traffic routes.

The drivers will get their hands on some custom-made tablets with real-time traffic data, passenger figures and headway information.

The vehicles are operated from Impact’s Perivale depot. Impact has been in talks with Citymapper for over a year to launch the service, and an extensive three-week training course has been given to 10 drivers so far, including customer service skills, safeguarding and TfL’s ‘In the Zone’ bus driver training.

Charlie Hamilton, Managing Director of Impact, describes the vehicles and the customer service offered as “first-class”, adding: “We’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting it right.

“We’re expecting it to grow significantly over the next few months. If we do it right, it will redefine bus services.”

Citymapper launched its first public transport app in London in 2012, using open data from TfL to help people plan their journeys.

Citymapper aims to complement the existing Transport for London network by filling in the gaps, with full seven-days-a-week services. Ultimately, Citymapper also plans to roll their services out to other cities throughout the country.