EV charging infrastructure will keep up with demand, says Chargemaster

EV charging infrastructure will keep up with demand, says Chargemaster

Chargemaster, the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network has forecasted a growth of over one million public charging sessions per year on its POLAR network by 2020, but with most charging sessions still happening at home. There is an estimated 11 million annual charging sessions expected on its UK-made home and workplace charging points.

Chargemaster’s POLAR network is hoping to significantly expand over the coming years to provide around 25,000 charging points across the UK by the end of 2020. This includes several thousand rapid chargers, many of which will be 150kW units, capable of providing around 100 miles of range in as little as 10 minutes.

Chargemaster predicts:

  • Over one million charges per year on the public POLAR EV charging network by 2020
  • Around 11 million annual charges on Chargemaster home and workplace units by 2020
  • POLAR network to have around 25,000 charging points across the UK in the next three years

Chargemaster itself is committed to investing £50 million over the next two years on expanding the Polar network with a combination of rapid and destination charging points in hotels, leisure facilities, shopping centres and other locations.

David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster, said: “We will continue to provide the largest proportion of both home and public charging infrastructure in the UK in the coming years, and expect to see a huge increase in the use of both the POLAR network, and the deployment of our UK-made Homecharge units.

“Within the next few years, several hundred electric models will be available, with plug-in variants of every type of vehicle, and almost every individual model.”

“Car buyers can rest assured that the charging infrastructure to support these vehicles will keep pace with the electric car market itself, as we will deploy thousands of home, workplace and public charging points over the coming years.”