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Ground breaking new BraunAbility Q-Series Lift

BraunAbility Q-Series

Having a lift that goes up and down is one thing. BraunAbility have set out to reinvent the wheelchair lift to match the premium experience of modern vehicles, the BraunAbility Q-Series was their answer. Their new lifts combine reliability and robustness which has been synonymous with BraunAbility for many years and together with a smart design, BraunAbility have been able ... Read More »

Speeding fines to double in April


Speeding fines for the most serious cases in England and Wales will rise by up to 50% after new sentencing guidelines were published. The current limit for a speeding fine is 100% of the driver’s weekly wage, up to £1,000 or £2,500 if they are caught on a motorway. However, when the new guidelines take affect from April 24, a ... Read More »

Total’s new AdBlue


In the ever growing battle with environmental pollution, car manufacturers are required to meet the latest standards for exhaust emissions and other pollutants. This has meant that car manufacturers have had to reduce emissions as much as possible. They have done so with the help of an additive called AdBlue, which is a water/urea based operating fluid which can be ... Read More »

New Unwin Wheelchair Headrest

Unwin Wheelchair Headrest

New Unwin Wheelchair Headrest recently released Unwin’s new headrest is designed to provide comfortable head support for wheelchair users at a cost effective price. Suitable for all standard side-folding wheelchairs which have 220mm tubing, its unique folding mechanism allows the system to fold with the wheelchair and is adjustable to fit wheelchairs from 300 to 610mm width. They provide two different types of headrests ... Read More »