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Derbyshire County Council cut spending by £450,000 by ‘orange peeling’ vehicle fleet

Derbyshire County Council

Local authorities including Derbyshire County Council fleets are being urged to search for savings to protect frontline services from cuts. The call comes after one local authority reduced spending by more than £450,000 by ending its policy of painting vehicles orange. Derbyshire County Council operates nearly 500 vehicles, of which 440 of them are painted orange, ranging from vans to minibuses ... Read More »

Penalty charge for using mobile phone at the wheel doubles

Mobile Phone

Thousands of drivers are caught each year by police after using their mobile phone at the wheel. Despite several high-profile campaigns and the government raising the fine if you are caught to £200, some motorists persist in calling and texting while on the road. Can you use a mobile phone while driving? It has been illegal to touch a mobile phone even with ... Read More »

Eberspaecher Handiwash & Miniwash

Eberspaecher Handiwash

Eberspaecher UK have recently announced what is supposedly the most compact, easy to install and technologically advanced mobile unit hand wash to date, the Eberspaecher Handiwash. For anyone whose work brings them into contact with unhygienic conditions and hazardous substances then this piece of equipment should be considered a necessity when it comes to meeting occupational health and safety requirements. ... Read More »

Eberspaecher Breezonic 3000

Eberspaecher Breezonic 3000

Eberspaecher has developed a new product called Eberspaecher Breezonic 3000 to improve air-conditioning facilities on special-purpose vehicles and commercial vehicles; it has been designed to be installed on the roof of the vehicle instead of the standard AC unit which supplies cool-air from the cabin. The extremely slim and aerodynamic AC system operates on 230 V and 50 Hz of power which comes ... Read More »

£10 emissions charge (T-charge) set to take place this year

Low emission zones

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has confirmed that his £10 emissions surcharge (T-charge) will start in central London on October 23, 2017. Up to 10,000 of the oldest, most polluting vehicles are expected every weekday to be potentially liable for the new emissions levy, which will apply to motorists who own vehicles that do not meet Euro 4 standards ... Read More »