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Ford trial new connected technologies to assist drivers and increase safety

Ford - Emergency services trial

Ford is in development of new connected technology systems that can pre-warn drivers of an approaching emergency services vehicle, to try and shave valuable seconds off the emergency services’ travel time to incidents. Ford are also trialling another new system called Intersection Collision Warning, which allows drivers to know if any vehicles are approaching which may lead to a collision ... Read More »

Proventia Emission Control announced for London buses Euro 6 upgrade

Proventia Emission Control

It has been revealed that the external body that won the tender was Proventia Emission Control from Finland, in a framework agreement as a supplier to the NOx Abatement Framework Agreement, ahead of the introduction of the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in London. In November 2016, Transport for London (TfL) permitted a tender for external support to provide NOx Abatement services to retrofit ... Read More »

New Unwin wheelchair restraint systems revealed

Unwin wheelchair restraint

Unwin has undergone a complete overhaul of their wheelchair restraint and seating systems ranging from wheelchair tie-downs to their new Unwin Removable Seat Locker. A wheelchair must have an appropriate tie-down system in place when being transported in a vehicle. Unwin’s new wheelchair restraint range offers many different variants including; Floor fittings; rail, anchor and bolted Wheelchair weights webbing; 100kg, 120kg and 200kg Wheelchair ... Read More »

Hermes to trial Starship Technologies’ last-mile delivery robots in London

Starship Technologies Hermes(2)

Starship Technologies announces their robots will be trialled by delivery company Hermes, in a bid to create more options for last-mile delivery in the suburbs. The Starship robots manoeuvre on six-wheels and have a height of just over half a metre and length of just less than a metre long. Each robot is designed to have a secure compartment for ... Read More »