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Chargemaster set to install 150 charge points for Lancashire CC


Chargemaster recently announced that they will be installing 150 electric vehicle charge points in Lancashire, as requested by the region’s County Council. The roll out will begin in the first months of 2018, which will include 18 Ultracharge rapid chargers, offering CCS CHAdeMO and Type 2 charging. Also included will be 66 dual socket fast units for use with a ... Read More »

Consortium explore autonomous vehicles ride-sharing service

autonomous vehicles

A collection of different companies including one of the UK’s biggest fleets are developing a business model for the mass-market introduction of autonomous vehicles (AV) by 2025. Luxury taxi giant, Addison Lee, estimates up to a third of London car journeys could be replaced by autonomous vehicles by 2025. This would account for 2.5 million passenger trips a day, equivalent to ... Read More »

Vanarama use artificial intelligence (AI) to aid customer service team


Vanarama are advancing their company in ways which they believe will be the future of customer service interactions as of 2020. Vanarama has launched their new artificial intelligence chatbot which they named ‘iVan’, which will help in matching customers with the right vehicle based on different factors. The chatbot was developed based on the industry stats Vanarama has seen which ... Read More »

HCT Group introduce Drive On – ex-offenders red bus trainee pilot

Bus coverage decline in UK

Training ex-offenders as London red bus drivers may sound like a risk to some people, but HCT Group says that the pilot has found that, with the right support, an intake of ex-offender bus driving trainees has had the same success rate & performance as an intake without ex-offenders. The potential of this programme could come as relief for offenders ... Read More »

Mercedes-Benz to offer three new electric vans

Mercedes-Benz Vans

Mercedes-Benz Vans has confirmed their launch into the electric van market after they announced in Berlin, at an e-van event, that they would be launching three new electric models, in what is described as a ‘holistic electric drive strategy’. The new strategy has been outlined by Mercedes-Benz Vans and aims to deliver a technological eco-system tailored specifically to customers’ individual ... Read More »