Minibus Case Studies

Risborough Area Community Bus – Case Study

Risborough Area Community Bus

In many ways, Risborough Area Community Bus is much like any other local bus company, running timetabled routes for fare income. The surprise is that the Buckinghamshire not-for-profit charity didn’t evolve into its current form, but that the style of operation was a happy accident, when in 2010, it was set up with both a Section 22 Community Bus licence ... Read More »

Age UK Mid-Hampshire – Case Study

Age UK Mid-Hampshire

Every community transport operator must have faced the same dilemma as Winchester Lunch Club at Age UK Mid-Hampshire – a vehicle whose trips to the garage were becoming a little too frequent. There’s a break point in any operator’s relationship with a minibus; at some point, the cost of maintenance outstrips the cost of running something new and reliable. Long ... Read More »

Shencare Community Transport – Case Study

Shencare Community Transport

Shencare Community Transport in Birmingham is learning to do without grants and stand on its own two feet. The compact operation lies right at the heart of its community, nestled among housing in Shenley Green and, perhaps appropriately, is on part of the Bournville estate… the 19th century Cadbury project which aimed to improve the lot of the chocolate factory’s ... Read More »

Brecon Dial-A-Ride Documentary

Brecon Dial-A-Ride

This case study takes a beautiful journey through rural South Wales with passengers & drivers from Brecon Dial-A-Ride which reveals all the joys, challenges and quirks of growing old. The documentary, which is set in the picturesque hills of the Brecon Beacons, offers us a chance to experience the real life situations which elderly people are put through each day ... Read More »

Community Transport group Centre 81 helps in recent flood evacuations

Centre 81 evacuate 84 residents.

Amid recent flood warnings issued by the council in Great Yarmouth, the Centre 81 community group were on full alert due to the forecast tidal surge on Friday 13th January, 2017. Centre 81 were prepared though, which meant they got straight into action and began their flood evacuation plan which consisted of the group using nine fully accessible minibuses to ... Read More »