BARRIER & Cozy are the latest products by Phoenix Seating

BARRIER & Cozy are the latest products by Phoenix Seating


Phoenix Seating were at NAPFM, The Emergency Fleet Show 2017 to show off their current range, but Phoenix were also unveiling their new two new products. BARRIER is the water, dirt and mud resistant seating solution that can be applied to Phoenix’s Blenheim, Blenheim Highback, Hydra and Sirius collections.

BARRIER offers a protective layer against water, mud & other liquids. This is achieved by simply adding PVC material to the upholstery of your seat creating that durable and water resistant perk.

The seat is fully protected by the PVC material which is clearly visible on the side of the seat, with the faces of the seat protected underneath the vinyl fabric.


  • Cushion seat, incontinence panel and sides of the seat foams are completely enclosed with the PVC material to help protect from water/liquid residue to help reduce seat deterioration
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Helps to increase seat longevity
  • Durable PVC material
  • Perfect seating solution for welfare, marine, minibuses and adventure sports markets or in any passenger vehicle where liquid or mud may be a risk

Phoenix Seating


Cozy is Phoenix Seating’s all new to the market heated seating solution, offering passengers the ultimate in comfort whilst travelling with Cozy, the heated seat pad solution. There are 2 different levels of heating available, giving your passengers control to adjust their own seat heating to provide an enhanced journey experience. The heated seating solution can be applied to multiple seating solutions which include; Blenheim, Blenheim Highback, Hydra and Sirius.Phoenix Seating Cozy


  • Offers 2 levels of heating
  • Automatic temperature control by thermostat
  • Easy to use with the handy simple power switch
  • Heated seat pads offer heating to both the lower back squab and also the seat cushion for ultimate warmth and comfort for your passengers

For more information on what Phoenix Seating has to offer visit their website here.