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Video 7 – Offer of Service


Minibus Options Promotional Series 1 conclusion. Minibus specifications can be a complicated business. Hopefully this short series of videos will give you some ideas and perhaps help you to create a basic idea as to what you would like your minibus to look like. To find out more information contact one of our team at Or visit our site for more ... Read More »

New accessible Ford Transit minibus

Ford Transit accessible minibus

Presenting the New accessible Ford Transit minibus. Minibus Options break new ground with a wheelchair accessible variant of the Ford Transit factory minibus. The finished vehicle gets the best of both worlds, with the refined look of the standard Transit Minibus interior and easy accessibility for passengers in wheelchairs. The rear two rows of seats and associated flooring are removed. A ... Read More »

Improved efficiency for Vivaro & Movano

Vauxhall Vivaro

Vivaro and Movano will now have Euro 6-compliant diesel engines, additional assistance systems to improve safety even further and extra optional fittings. The nine-seat Movano Combi and 17-seat Movano Minibus are also available with new 2.3-litre BiTurbo diesel engines. Thanks to Vauxhall’s BlueInjection exhaust after-treatment system, these engines also comply with Euro 6. The Combi has two Euro 6 engines, ... Read More »

New CTA training program for minibus operators

CTA Training Programme

Dates have been announced for a new programme of CTA training courses to be delivered for all involved in the community transport sector. Courses will take place in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland from this month until June of next year.  The first takes place in Belfast on September 3 2015. Available training includes Safe and Legal (to help understand ... Read More »

Norwich Door to Door – Case Study

Norwich Door To Door

The Future is bright for Norwich Door to Door. Retiring Chief Executive Jill Gaul says there are challenges, but the service will rise to meet them. Jill Gaul, Chief Executive of Norwich Door to Door, is not as ‘de-mob happy’ as you might think, on the eve of her retirement from the job she has held since 1998. “The original service ... Read More »