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Manufacturers announce LCV scrappage schemes for pre Euro-5 vehicles

Scrappage Schemes

Scrappage schemes are popping up a lot recently from all manufacturers but Ford are the first to do so for their LCV models, shortly followed by the likes of Volkswagen, Renault, Fiat, Peugeot-Citroen & Toyota. With some variations between the different manufacturer scrappage schemes available, there are also many similarities too, such as; In almost every instance the vehicle which you’re ... Read More »

Chargemaster reveal the Powercharge workplace electric car charging point


Chargemaster released their latest charging point called the Powercharge, a compact electric vehicle charging point, specifically designed for workplace charging. The new Powercharge from Chargemaster can provide businesses with a solution for open access workplace charging, without the need for any keys or RFID cards. David Martell, chief executive of Chargemaster, said: “As the electric vehicle market in the UK ... Read More »

Government propose plans to cut congestion on our busiest roads


Proposals announced by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling reflect on the delays caused to motorists by utility companies carrying out roadwork’s to reduce by almost half under new proposals. The proposals would allow local authorities to charge utility companies by the hour to carry out work on selected routes which is intended to encourage companies carrying out works to avoid busy roads and peak times, plus incentivising them to ... Read More »

Unwin Safety Systems reveal product training dates

Unwin Safety Systems

Unwin Safety Systems offer a vast range of products for accessible transport solutions including wheelchair tail-lifts/ramps, wheelchair restraints, removable seat fixtures and even floor tracking, all designed especially for the commercial vehicle converters sector. The new range from Unwin consists of an improved look for all of their products complementing grey and black colours so that products have a unified look as ... Read More »